Weddings at Ascension Catholic Church

An individual requesting to be married at Ascension Catholic Church must be an active parishioner in good standing. There is a six month preparation period in the Archdiocese of Washington between the time you set the date with the priest and the wedding itself. During that time, you will be expected to complete a form of marriage preparation. You should speak to the Pastor directly about that process.


            All music must be sacred and liturgical.  To select music for the wedding, please contact the Music Director, as soon as possible after your initial meeting with the priest. The fee is $150.  An organist is also required for the Mass.  The fee for the organist is $150. If an outside organist or cantor is requested, this is permissible, at the discretion of the Music Director and/or the Pastor.  However, the standard fee ($150) must still be paid to the Music Director, in addition to any fees charged by guest musicians.

Guide to Music for the Rite of Marriage


            The customary offering for the parish for a registered and active parishioner is $300.  Outside parties who marry at Ascension should make an offering of $500.  Checks should be made payable to Ascension Church.  It is also customary to make an offering directly to the priest who is celebrating the wedding.  The amount is at the discretion of the couple.  Please bring your donations for the Church, celebrant, and music ministers to the rehearsal.

Flowers and Decoration:

            Flowers may not be placed directly on the altar. We do not allow aisle runners or the throwing of flowers petals, rice, confetti, or bird seed inside or outside the Church. 


            Non-registered parishioners who have family members who are registered parishioners may schedule weddings provided that they get a letter of permission from their own pastor. They may be asked to bring their own priest to celebrate the sacrament.  Clergy from outside the Archdiocese are most welcome provided they obtain a letter of good standing from their own diocese or religious superior.  Please observe the above non-parishioner donations for the use of the Church.

Participants in the Wedding:

            You are most welcome to ask members of your family or friends to read at the wedding.  According to the Archdiocesan Sacramental Norms, they must be fully initiated and active members of the Catholic Church.