Message from Fr. Larry

Hello Ascension Parishioners,

There are a lot of graces that can be drawn from this experience. We are reminded of our frailty, vulnerability and the brevity of life. This brings fundamental human questions to the surface in our hearts and minds. We can grow in empathy and solidarity with others who are suffering from the actual virus or are coping with the effects of the containment measures. There aren't even sports to distract us from prayer and growing our awareness of the presence of God this Lent! 

It is indeed a difficult time and some people may be questioning the decision to cancel public Masses when prayer is so necessary and the Mass is the highest form of prayer.  Yes, we need to continue to pray.  We must also recognize Archbishop Gregory’s decision was not made lightly and he has the rightful authority to make it.    Please keep him and all those in leadership in the Church in your prayers along with those suffering from this virus physically, spiritually, mentally, and financially.

We are working to provide you with current information about the parish and are regularly updating our website.  Please consider signing up for Flock Notes so we can communicate with you more efficiently during this time. It is very easy and secure. Also, don't hesitate to call or email any of the staff and we will try to keep in solid communication with everyone. If anyone needs help in any way, please let us know at the office. Leave a phone message, email us, or whatever you need to do to reach us, please don't hesitate. In addition to the staff there are folks and organizations in the parish that want to help folks out. 

I will be available outside the front of the church to hear confessions on Saturday at 3pm. This weekend I will also video my Mass in our Church and post it on the Ascension website ( as well as my YouTube channel:

If anyone gets the Coronavirus don't hesitate to have me come anoint you, or if you need the anointing for any other reason. Call the parish office and follow the prompts to the emergency line. There are safety precautions I can take that will enable me to anoint anyone. Definitely avail yourself of this sacrament of mercy, forgiveness and healing. 

Also, we are opening the church this Sunday from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm for private prayer.  I want to reinforce that while we are providing this opportunity, it is not obligatory for you to be here.  You don’t have to come.  We’re doing this in response to requests from parishioners and with the permission of the Archbishop.  If you do come to the parish or chapel to pray, please bring wipes and clean the area around you.  Also, please maintain ‘social distance’.

Mary our Hope, Seat of Wisdom, Pray for us!

Peace of Christ, 

Fr. Larry