Domestic Church Day

Domestic Church Day!

"The Christian homes is the place where children receive the first proclamation of the faith.  For this reason, the family home is rightly called 'The Domestic Church,' a community of grace and prayer, a school of human virtues and of Christian charity."

Catechism of the Catholic Church #1666

Do you find yourself wanting to know how to better serve and work with your spouse and family to cultivate your Domestic Church? 

Need some time alone with God without being occupied by little ones crawling around the pews?

Come to Ascension's inaugural Domestic Church Day! 

(Date Semptember TBD)

This morning of recollection for couples and families is built for married couples and parents that want to continue to form themselves together!  Not only is this morning free of cost to you, we are also providing FREE CHILD CARE from after Mass to Benediction!


9Am - Mass

9:30 Am - Coffee / Light breakfast

10 Am - Talk for Couples / Parents

11 Am - Adoration (at 11:45 we will bring the children to the church for Benediction)

12 Pm - Family Lunch

We are providing the 'mains' for lunch, so we ask if you can bring a dessert or side dish to share.  We are also collecting donations for the Servants of the Lord.


Registration Form Coming Soon!