James R. Bates Hall Rental Policy


Ascension parishioners who have been registered and participating in the parish for at least six months may rent the James R. Bates Hall for activities considered appropriate by Ascension.  We do not rent our hall to the public. All requests will be honored on a first-come basis. Bates Hall is a private hall and the pastor will have the final word on what is an appropriate activity. The pastor reserves the right to prohibit any rentals at his discretion.


For any additional questions, contact:
Ascension Parish Secretary: Sharon Fanning,
[email protected] or 301-262-2227.


Rental Regulations:

·        Bates Hall seats a maximum of 200 per fire code regulations. 

·        The Hall closes at Midnight. There are NO exceptions.

·        All music must stop 45 minutes before the end of the event. As a courtesy to our neighbors, we require that music be held to a reasonable level. 

·        The rental time includes set-up and clean-up of the Hall. All functions must be concluded and all clean-up completed by the end of the reserved time. 

·        The Archdiocese of Washington requires that all users of the parish facilities have and provide proof of insurance PRIOR to use of the facilities.

·        If liquor is to be served, it must be dispensed by our licensed bartender.  BYOB, (bring your own bottle) events are prohibited. A police officer will be present for the last 4 hours of the contracted time. 

·        The Hall generally may not be rented from 3 to 5 pm Saturday and from 8 am to 1 pm Sunday.


Rental Fees:

·        After approval, the $500.00 fee secures the Hall for up to six hours.  This includes $375 for the rental and $125 for the insurance. The rental fee must be paid in full at least three months prior to the event.

·        A $125.00 security deposit is required to secure the date and is due when the rental agreement is signed. The security deposit is for the insurance and is separate from the rental fee and cannot be applied to the rental. The security deposit is forfeited if the contract is cancelled for any reason including failure to pay the $500.00 rental fee on time.


Completely Prohibited Uses of Archdiocesan Facilities include but are not limited to:

·        Events or organizations whose purposes are not in keeping with the teachings of the Catholic Church

·        Events where a fee or admission is charged, unless all proceeds go to the parish.

·        Events organized or operated by professional promoters or performers.

·        Events held by third-party promoters, intending to make a profit from the event and sell tickets to the general community or public.

·        BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) events.